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Object Lessons:
Highlights from the Collections of the University of Edinburgh

An exhibition held at the Talbot Rice Gallery
7th June to 19th July 2003


How can you link the study of ticks, facial expression, acoustics and veterinary medicine for horses?

Through the treasures of the University of Edinburgh!

'Object Lessons Online' is a virtual edition of 'Object Lessons', an exhibition held at the Talbot Rice Gallery in 2003. Scroll through panoramas of the displays and find out more about the rich and diverse collections that the University now holds, including its books and manuscripts, great portrait collection and internationally renowned collection of early keyboard instruments, among a host of others. Click on ONLINE EXHIBITION to discover the role of collections and collecting in teaching, in research, and in the history of the University. Explore the threads of intellectual development that link objects over time.

Over 100 exhibits are featured, orientated around five major themes: From Bones to Boards: Space, Calculation and Structure; Bodies, Inside and Out; The Human Face; Sound; and Figures in the Landscape. Don't miss Robert Barker's Panorama of Edinburgh, a phial of Alexander Fleming's penicillin, the only authentic painted portrait of John Knox, Charles Darwin's class cards and the skull of George Buchanan.

How do these relate to recent developments in the scientific study of acoustics, modern medicine and genetics? Read on to find out, or simply marvel at the treasures of the University of Edinburgh.


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