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JY Simpson's Chloroform Bottle
JY Simpson's Chloroform bottle


An interdisciplinary project such as this can be realized only with help from many quarters. In the construction of this web site, and in the exhibition upon which it is based, we gratefully acknowledge the support received from scholars, institutions, and individuals in many areas of expertise.

For the online edition:

Jacky MacBeath (Collections Support Officer, University of Edinburgh)

Dr Andrew Grout (Digital Library Officer, Special Collections, Edinburgh University Library)

Morag Watson (Systems Librarian, Edinburgh University Library) and the staff of Systems Development

Jonathan Greet (dumdivision), web site design, art direction and QuickTime panorama construction

Dominic Ibbotson (Ibbotson Photography), web site and panorama photography

Stephen Gough (Photographic Unit, Edinburgh University Library), additional digital photography

For the exhibition:

Professor Duncan Macmillan (Talbot Rice Gallery), exhibition curator

Edward Longbottom, exhibition designer

Andy MacGregor, exhibition graphics

The staff of the Talbot Rice Gallery:
Pat Fisher, Anna Duffy, Lottie Gerrard, Gary Peacock, and Matthew Inglis

Jean Jones, exhibition researcher

Edinburgh University Computing Services

Lenders to the exhibition:

Trustees of the National Museums of Scotland

Lothian Health Services Archive

Joe Rock


Charles Stanley Stockbrokers

The University of Edinburgh Development Trust

Scottish Arts Council



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